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SoonJung Lip & Eye Remover 100ml

SoonJung Lip & Eye Remover 100ml

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Soothing Care for Delicate Areas: Soonjung Lip & Eye Remover (100ml)

Treat your delicate eye and lip areas with the gentle care they deserve using our Soonjung Lip & Eye Remover. This 100ml remover is specially formulated to provide a soothing and effective solution for removing makeup. Pamper your skin with the mild touch of Soonjung for a refreshing and makeup-free experience.

Key Features:

  • šŸŒæ Mild formula designed for delicate lip and eye areas
  • šŸ’§ Soonjung technology for soothing and calming effects
  • šŸƒ 100ml size for convenient and prolonged use
  • šŸŒø Gently removes makeup while leaving skin refreshed

Why Choose Our Soonjung Lip & Eye Remover (100ml)?

Embrace the tranquility of Soonjung with our Lip & Eye Remover. More than a makeup remover, it's a gesture of care and comfort for your sensitive areas. Whether you're removing eye shadow or lip color, let Soonjung be your choice for a soothing and refreshing makeup removal experience.

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